Carin Koch Named 2015 European Solheim Cup Team Captain

Carin Koch has been delegated as the Captain of the European Solheim Cup group that will endeavor to secure a third straight triumph against the United States of America in the 2015 match at Golf Club St. Leon-Rot in Germany, the Ladies European Tour advertised today.

The Swede will endeavor to hold the trophy after Europe’s unequivocal 18-10 triumph at Colorado Golf Club in 2013, when Europe earned a memorable first win in the United States.

After back to back European triumphs in 2011 at Killeen Castle and in 2013 in Colorado, Koch will try to finish a phenomenal cap trap of wins when the matches occur on September 18-20, 2015.

“I am to a great degree pleased and respected to chief the 2015 Solheim Cup group,” said Koch. “Being bad habit commander to Lotta (Neumann) in 2013 I by and by accomplished the rush of The Solheim Cup matches which are dissimilar to whatever available competition in expert golf. I can’t hold up to remained with the group on the first tee next September to begin our journey for the cap trap of wins against the US group.  I anticipate working with the German group at Golf Club St.leon-Rot for the one year from now and a half to put on the best Solheim Cup ever!”